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Timothy Holt has been insuring America's families for over 40 years, including 30 years specifically in the flood and property insurance. We have taken pride in the level of service we have provided to the thousands of customers over the years, and look forward to working with you.

Let us review your current Flood Insurance Policy.

We'll help you:

  • Lower your current flood insurance premiums
  • Eliminate excessive & unnecessary coverage
  • Remove the FEMA from the claims handling process

Here is what some of our customers think

Beyond helpful!

Beyond helpful! Bought a house & was told by mortgage company that I needed flood insurance even though I disagreed.Tim contacted FEMA,county courthouse,mortgage company, & completely got me removed from flood zone,saving me $84.70 a month even though it cost him my business!

James Culler

Great product at a great price!

After I found out I needed flood insurance, I reached out to a number of sites. Mr. Holt was the FIRST company, not only to provide a quote, but also to call me to see if I had any questions. After talking, he quickly provided an adjusted quote based on my needs, which compared favorably to multiple other quotes I received. He continued to follow up, and when we talked, he provided really, really helpful suggestions, for possibly even avouding the need for flood insurance. We talked for a good while, and it is clear that not only is he very prompt and responsive, he also provides a great product at a great price abd genuinely tries to provide the best advice for people, even at the risk of losing business. A total class act company!!!

Jay Noh
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