fema flood insurance rates


fema flood insurance rates

According to FEMA, flood insurance rates can be lowered if home and business owners living in floodplains follow these procedures.

Relocate any buildings away from bodies of water. Elevate three feet above base flood elevation. Move air conditioning units above the ground level. Make sure the building has flood openings, this is especially important for those properties on flood plains. Property owners who have done at least one of these have reported saving $190 a year on their flood insurance rates.

If you are still thinking about going without flood insurance, remember that property insurance will not cover the costs of water damage to your home or business. Even if your area has no history of flooding, it is better to have it than to be without it. At Holt Flood Insurance, we can find you a rate that will work for you.

To find out more information about FEMA flood insurance rates, home and business owners can look determine where on a floodplain their property resides. These maps determine the level of flood risk and can be easily accessed by all through the FEMA Flood Map Service Center.

If you have any questions about flood insurance, you can always visit our website or give us a call at 1-540-809-1415. Protect your home and business from flooding with Holt Flood Insurance.


Here is what our clients are saying about us:

I have known Tim for many years and he is a man with great integrity, work ethic and one of the nicest persons I know. Over the years Tim has provided insurance counseling and advice to our company, for myself personally, as well as to our clients. Recently Tim, took time to analyze our flood insurance policy and he was able to make some excellent recommendations. Our flood insurance costs are now less and we have much better coverage. I recommend Tim to anyone without hesitation or reservation.
Edward Semambya, CPA

I have no problem giving you an A1 reference for taking care of the flood policies for me and Diane. I appreciate you working with the mortgage company: the surveyor and our previous agent. The result was a 75% reduction in our flood insurance premiums!
Mike Edwards

We contacted Mr. Holt for an estimate via email over the weekend prior to a closing on a property, hoping for a response on the following Monday to take with us with confidence in being insured at the settlement table on a Tuesday. He exceeded our expectations not once but in readily responding to the initial request and then to follow-up questions all during the weekend frenzy that occurs before closing. "Impressive and responsive customer service," for sure!
Ken Reuwer

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