Five Facts You Need to Know About Flooding


  1. Everyone is at risk for flooding
    Flooding can occur anywhere, anytime, and it can be caused by other external sources other than rainfall. For instance, Snowmelt, hurricanes and new developments within the area can also lead to flooding. So, even if your property is located on higher grounds, or in the desert, you can still experience flooding.

  2. Your property insurance policy probably doesn't cover flood damage
    You may think that all property insurance policies cover flooding, but that is not likely the case. Most policies do not protect homeowners against flood damage, and neither do most business owner policies. Most homeowners must rely on flood insurance to cover damage caused by flooding.

  3. You need flood insurance to protect your home or business
    With a standard flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you can protect your buildings, contents or both. Having flood insurance means that you'll have coverage for:
    - Walls, floors, equipment, and fixtures
    - Furniture, appliances, and wall and floor coverings
    - Clothing, audio equipment, and televisions

  4. Your address or mortgage status won't keep you from obtaining a flood policy
    You can obtain flood insurance as long as your community participates in the NFIP - and most communities do. Additionally, you can get flood insurance if:
    - You live in a floodplain or high-risk flood zone
    - You live outside a floodplain or in an area that has a low-to-moderate flood risk
    - Your property has been flooded before
    - Your mortgage broker doesn't require it

  5. It's easy to get flood insurance through The Hartford
    Simply contact Holt's Flood Insurance at 840-809-1415 and ask for a quote. We'll happily provide you with a quote and assist you in adding valuable protection for your property.


five facts you need to know about flooding